Finally got my first Legendary. Of course it's the I Rex


I felt so joyous I even gave a little fist pump. Got to use him for 3 out of 5 matches. First in Sorna where I lost then in lockup. Then went a legitimate 15 matches without him popping up in the queue. Oh RNG, you are a :>["+


You always remember your first :slight_smile:


My 1st legend was indorex either i created him 1 week ago and stegodeus few days ago now im working on tragodistis and megalosuchus wish will be a long wait :grin: i love it


Gz! I remember doing the same when I got I. Rex, and only got her in one of like 15 battles. I was so wanting to test her out…

Now I have about 5 legendary irons in the fire, hoping my next will be Tragodistis.