Finally, got my first Unique

Just in time for the holidays to boot. I’m so happy that all that work paid off. That Halloween event definitely helped, but still it still took some time.

Though now, who to replace?

Nodopatotitan is in there for raptor strike events. I usually use Monomimus

Then who to invest into next? While I’m mostly a collector, to get Touramoloch to complete my dino dex I’ll have to enter the arena again.

With us entering the bleed meta, I’ll have to invest in a bleeder, the choices being Suchotator, Spinotahraptor, and Spinotahsuchus. Then what else could I do? Ankylcodon for at least one tanker, since he’s immune, or something else. And with the new patch, it leaves me in a confused mess of what to do.


Well im going to be putting probably Spinotahraptor since its easier to level due to not needing night time only Kapro, and also replacing Stegodeus with Monolometrodon since its immune to bleeds!

More than likely replacing Stegocera with either Tryo or Posti.

As for that I dunno what else!

The thing holding me back on Spinotahraptor is the health is not tat high, so I’m still counting on suchotator atm, abt to lvl it to 21, which is abt 3300+ health.
Ankylocodon is a good utility dino, a little bit of everything, a bit disappointed the stats remained unchanged in 1.5 :frowning:

By the time im done, my team will probably have 5-6 out of 8 immune creatures so, nobody gunna be bleeding me :sunglasses:

Monolomet is probably easier to level than Ankylocodon, as you need to do sooooo many fuses per level on Anky!

Yes molonodetroden is definitely in my plan, now with the speed buff to 126 in 1.5, has been collecting the 2 dnas since a few mths back! Time to unleash this dino!

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That amount of DNA will net you a pretty good level legendary :sunglasses:

Mine is level 22 already only because I took it off my team to save coins and placed it with something else! But yeah its definitely coming back!

Oh and btw I didnt know they were getting a massive speed boost, thats even BETTER!

I have the DNA to get it up probably another 5 levels at least! So a level 27 would be niceeee!