Finally got my second unique! Welcome, Diorajasaur!

Although I hated to do it, I replaced my Pyrritator (for now, anyway). I know there is a learning curve, so I would appreciate any advice on how to best utilize Dioraja.

She may not be the highest rated unique, but I won’t get another one any time soon and hope she is a good addition to my team.

Thanks for any replies. :slightly_smiling_face:


Grats!!! It’s quite good. I dont have it, but i face it a lot. Id recommend a few things -

Learn how much dmg you do with a swap in (how, imo, it should almost always be used).

Learn how much dmg you take.

Dont use ii too early.

If you can bleed with such maybe, then swap, that could be deadly too.

Id recommend asking @ardens though. Hes an expert at it!


I utilize mine with hit and run dinosaurs. The most difficult is learning how to use the swap in ferocity. I believe at level 21 a swap in counter does around 1087 damage I could be wrong but that’s what I recall. Do not swap in against a stun (ie Diloracheirus). It is faster than stegodeus and will chew through it with defense Shattering Counter attack. A good thing is that you will do almost 3000 damage if you play it right such as swap in then distracting impact then invincibility as long as the invincibility can’t be shattered.


If you can get Utarinex Diloracheirus and Erlidominus you will really see Dio shin.


@wrothgar hit the nail on the head. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Once you learn those basic things, it all comes down to reaction to the flow of the battle.
Mine is still at L22, though, so for where I am it requires extremely precise timing. I can’t afford to make any miscalculations or mistakes or else it’s dead lol.
I took down a L28 Trag with it on a swap-in once.


Also, as a hint:

Touramoloch and Diorajasaurus are like an official couple. If you can get both and chain them together, boi is that nasty.

But Diorajasaurus works great with other hit n runners as well. But it is also good at bombing in to take out a hit n runner or impacting into a skirmish, letting your dinosaur who ended up in a bad matchup take a breath and redeem itself later on.


Update: You don’t wanna how how many trophies I lost while field testing Dioraja (hint: Greetings from Lockwood…) :flushed:

I realized I need a faster, strong attacker more at this point as I’m making my way back to 5,000. I was able to level Tryo to 21 and am very impressed. Previously, I didn’t know how to best utilize her. The immunity is definitely a bonus.

I will bring Dioraja back at a later point and thank you all for the comments :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s my second unique too and now it’s level 23 on my team. It’s frail for a tank but can give surprise blows. If you see a stegod on the battle field, go ahead and switch it in, it handles tanks even 4-5 levels higher with ease.

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I’m miles far from mine, since I don’t find an area where Tuoji might spawn. But I want it, it’s my closest unique and still so far…

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I live in L3, Tuo is the only good thing about that. Have you asked in your alliance? Since I need more Raja before I can level Dioraja, I’m always donating some Tuo DNA.

I thought I’d never get my second unique, and then an incubator from a strike event gave me what I needed.

GL! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have asked in alliance and got little bits of DNA, but nobody really has enough to donate. Will have to wait for special events featuring stegosaurus types.

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