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Finally got my Utarinex!


So for the last week I’ve had terrible luck with Sinoceratops, my son would get him from incubator strikes and I wouldn’t, even had one pop up yesterday for him, but not me. So tonight I finally got some Sino DNA from the Holiday 7 strike, got just enough Utahsino to make 1 fuse, needed 30 for Rinex and got it! Now if I could just get some Anky and Erlikosaurus so I can make Tryko and Erlidomus!


Here’s my utarinex,
BTW, Amazing! I have struggles w/Dracorex at the moment.

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I’m light years away from a unique! I barely have a stegodeus lvl 17 and 130/200 DNA to unlock my Tragodistis. It’s that dang parasaurolophus DNA. Well congrats!

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Grats, its awesome!!

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Thanks, 1st match I chained him into Thor and swept the opponent! Definitely a game changer.

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Congratulations my friend, I am still on that grind. I was so elated to get enough for my first DNA combination and bam! 10 DNA! Totally deflated me. Needless to say I am pressing on and persevering. It’s a loong grind to say the least and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I just hope it’s worth it.


It is definitely worth it right now, idk if they’ll actually nerf it or not. I got lucky on Rinex and my 2nd fuse was 70, and then I either got a 50 or 70 on 3rd.


The game hates me, 4 fuses has got me to 80. Anyway I shan’t complain, that’s just the way the RNG blows.

I’m pretty sure it won’t get nerfed in itself, but Distracting Rampage will most probably have +1 delay. It won’t be a starter anymore but a pretty effective revenge killer.