Finally got pyrittator

As you can tell by the title I finally have her, should I and if I so what should I swap out?? I’m at 3.4k trophies


Personally I would put her in for Paramoloch - I have played with both and settled on Pyrritator. I do like to level them up at least once though before putting them in the team.


He’s a strong Dino but it’s not that easy to make it shine.

To see where it belongs in your team, think about what is the weakness in your team? What Dino is underperforming for you? What dinos are you used to face?

I don’t know how the meta looks like where you are, it could be the Alanqa until you get its hybrid unless indominus are everywhere, one of your tank breaker or even the stegoceratops.
Your team is well balanced but a speeder like the pyritator will give you more options. For now every single Dino with 124+ speed is faster than every single Dino of your team meaning in a decisive head to head you could be the underdog.

If you hesitate, best way is to try it out and let us know. Good luck!

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I’d get rid of that Indominus-Rex, far to RNGy to be reliable. But keep Paramoloch it’s great for utility.

Loose the paramaloch stun is a joke! Indom is needed for quite a few technical counters

Paramoloch is more RNG than I-Rex - apart from Rampage and Run its all down to luck.

Never used the birds but I would get rid of Alanqa or Paramoloch. You already have Stegoceratops to stun. Pyrritator is great, definitely belongs on your team.

The locked into 1x attack first turn with no immunity makes it a crap battle Dino imo

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It’s definitely not an all-purpose dinosaur, but it can work very well in it’s niche, however I’d generally much rather just use Pyroraptor (since adding it’s bleed move). If you can actually pull off Pyrritator’s ‘Ready to Crush’ it can be devastating, sadly there aren’t many opportunities to do so. It’s a very situational dinosaur, but at least it has speed on it’s side.

This is the one legendary I still dont have. I just dont get DNA for either of these dinos lol.


At 3400 Indominus is great. I’m at 4100 and I just lost to Indominus 4 times in a row after having a shot to kill it but it dodged, all for the win. I even had two cracks at beating the cloak on my last battle. He’s still better than Paradoesntstun even with out cloak.

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Ditch 'em both. I-luckosaurus Rex is terribly unreliable (and quite easy to counter with the right dinos and strategy), not a good choice for competitive battling at all. So many chuck it in as a last-ditch attempt to win (and lose), it’s pityful. Point taken about the paramoloch tho, it’s too RNYs too. If you’re a good player you won’t need either tbh.

Looking at these comments, alot say paramoloch… She’s my favourite though, especially when you get the low stunning strike stun followed by the other stunning attacks :slight_smile: guess it is really rng dependant though

If the first attack was something else guaranteed rather than rng based then it would be a lot better - that’s the problem - it can be awesome with stun after stun or it can be a complete liability. I-Rex can be good - either for its immunity or as a finisher (using the attacks and saving cloak as a last resort) - mine drifts in and out of the team.

I tried to use Paramoloch, I really wanted it to work and if it would just stun at the rate it said it would I could run it but it just never worked for me. I must have given it 100 battles waiting for the probability to level out but nope :-1:. If you can get it to stun then keep using it. The two 75% stuns should both work 9/16 times or just more than half the time… unless I’m using it of course.

Take out Postimetrodon. High level arenas destroy him.

Final decision guys, I took out posti and alanqa and put in my level 18 ankylocodon and pyrittator

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Let us know how you get on

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Yes keep us informed !

Good luck :grinning: