Finally got Rajakylosaurus

I have mixed feelings about this guy. Good health, but slow and I expected a little more damage. I haven’t used a dino with pinning outside of friendly battles with the hubby and wonder how a L16 will do in mid Sorna.


congrats :):grinning:

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I love him, he beats stegos,tragos,indoms and sometimes tryos
Experiment with his opening move, i like to open with extended critical and then have the option of long shield or instant.
Can also be a game winner when you swap in on a low health dino.
And pinning is great against stego etc, it forces them to keep attacking.

He is a beast but sometimes he gets owned! I have found better results with him.

I never see Anky and stopped at the store. Of course had to do the perimeter scan lol. There he was, only got 100, but it was just enough :smiley:

Nice! I have plenty of raja, but haven’t seen anky for a while, need more to make mine level 20

I suppose I should investigate his powers more. I got it, I evolved it to 17 but I have never used it because it seems “weak”, although it is true that a couple of times I have confronted him and he has been annoying. The problem is that any shield breaker does a lot of damage.

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Yeah I just unlocked Rajakylo also, I put it on my team in place of Indominus coz her cloak rarely dodged…so unreliable :expressionless:

I’m slowly trying to de-RNG my team, first step was removing Monostega since it’s seems it’s 33% stun was actually -33% as it never worked, put Gorgasuchus in its place, then removed Indominus for Rajakylo and if Monomimus doesn’t shape up and learn to dodge she is goneeee also!


I had a 18 Ragak take my 21 stegadeus down to 20ish points, I beat the thing, but barely. Then I was like yeah, this battle is mine lol. Well til their 22 steg came out and my counters didn’t have what it took. It was the deciding moment for me to add my Rag to the deck after.

Unlocked her the other day in two minds of keeping it on my team, it’s not awful but it’s not as great as people say got it at 18 atm

Its going to be a tough one to level up, it was pure luck that I got the anky on Wednesday and Raga has been really scarce too. I have the other anky legendary tank at an 18, but I feel bad using it, the battles take forever.

The first time I faced that tank I didn’t have a null in my deck nor a shield breaker, the fight took so long and frustrated me to no end! But to be honest if I had one id trial it on my team!

I miss early lock down when t rex, alice and tarbo came in and cleaned house. The intense kill or be killed fast battles seem to have become less and less. I like that things got more complicated and challenging though.