Finally got that beautiful giant

Hey guys,

just wanted to share this happy moment after a frustrating time. Took me so long to go for Nodotitan because the Giraffatitan were so rare for me but thanks to my great alliance, I collected enough Giraffas DNA and now I got her.

Don‘t know why I love her so much and wanted her. Maybe, because of that one beautiful scene in JP when we saw a Brachiosaurus the first time? Great childhood memory. :heart_eyes:
I think she really is beautiful and I wanna use her sometimes even tho her abilities aren‘t the best. Really hope Ludia will buff her some day.:hugs:

Maybe with rampage, more dmg or higher counter attack. I think she could be a wonderful legendary superhybrid if Ludia would just give her the love she needs instead of stupid Dracorex Gen 2.

U know I love her battle entrance when you‘re just looking up to that giant.

Yeah that‘s pretty much it. I‘m just enjoying that moment right now lol. :sweat_smile:


I didn’t even know you could get a fuse for over 100. O_O

Congrats though!


Actually, Potatotitan is pretty good now. If I could get it to my general team level I would definitely run it here and there for fun.

Oh I‘m sorry I forgot to mention that when I tapped on fuse, I lost connection. When I had it back, I got 110 DNA but lost 400 Giraffa DNA. So it might just be a graphical error. ^^
I might have gotten 70 and 40, or 50 and 60, etc. To be honest, I‘m telling myself I got a 10 and a 100. ^^

It just shows what I got in total, not a single fuse. I think that 100 is the maximum.
Had it only once in my whole life, got it for my Allosino a long while ago.

I hope she and Stegodeus and Brachiosaurus will help me defeat the upcoming raptor strike. :hugs:
I mean she‘s got good health and 40% armor, holy.

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I have it on my team and enjoy it. Learn to use its super-secret strategy and you can surprise opponents, they will not see it coming.