Finally got Thor and now my team is a mess

It’s hard to bench my L20 Allisino, but Thor looks good in that spot. Suchutator L21 needs a spot I’m thinking, but causes a tank shortage. L24 stegod needs to stay? I haven’t been using any stunning creatures so stegocera has been benched. Immunity is key with more bleeders and stunners and have a L25 underdog (Monolemetrodon) that has held his own very well. With a bunch of dime finally, leveling posti is a possibility (I shyed away from magna), but takes away from Tryo…ugh… 4500 is my short term goal and am at 4200 now.

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Please show pics!! I wanna see it

Neither of us are very photogenic lol


I’ll start fusing mine this weekend when I get tarbo up to lvl 20 and it’ll definitely replace my lvl 20 allosino. No point having both on the team if you’re gonna be only feeding one of them.

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Whoa - loving how that looks

I substituted Allosinosaurus with her… my new emerald beauty! :heart_eyes:

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This is what I got so far…


I think I was more thrilled than when I got indor lol

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Who to replace allisino with is where I am stuck. Could level posti to a 22 now that Dime is in Z1 where I am. Another immune would be nice.

You can choose from Utasinoraptor, Gorgosuchus or Indominus Rex.

How are all you guys finding sino? I know the events helprd but other than that

Leveling indom to a 21 was a thought. Gorgo has been a 20 for awhile with the kapro shortage. I don’t know that utahsino will get much love with sino shortage. Im getting closer everyday to getting Dracorex to a 20.

There was another sino event a long time ago and I got a good head start then. Feeling spoiled in zone 1 and pull the trigger on an epic scent every now and then.

I probably could get trago to a 21, but that feels so wrong lol

did you use a bleeder before? if not maybe you dont need him… unless you had trouble against deus before. thor should def replace allison since it plays the same role but stronger. that team looks good but only one speedster.

I like pyrritator, but 19 isn’t doing the trick. One more pyro and he’s a 20. Are you thinking utahsino?

i think so. i have mimus magna and diloara

Indominus can be tricky to use, but can win you matches. So I would say Indominus for Allosino.

Yesterday my lvl 20 Indominus brought me to 4525 trophies.

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Still on the fence as to level dime or use for tryo.

Which you like to use most?