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Finally Got To Use My Fire Stick Lev.10

Very Useful!!! Anybody Agree?


Is This Her Best Stick? I Also Like The Epic, Call It My Cattle Prod!!! I Don’t Know Tho… This Is Pretty Wicked Stick !!! LOL!!! Sure Do Love This Game!!!

I wish I would have gotten that Legendary. She just seems a lot less useful when everyone else on the team can shoot to the far side of the field from the start.

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For Sure, Very Impressive Weapon None The Less!!!

I prefer the lightning wand, but that’s probably because I don’t have the Legendary weapon yet. :unamused:

It seems to always proc Firestorm on me as well… :triumph:

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Yes, Its A Very Nasty Stick, Hope You Get To Try It Real Soon!!! Good Luck With Your Chests Hope The D&D Wizards Will Be On Your Side!!! Ned :smiley:
Im Really Torn Between The Too, I Really Love To Make Em Ride The Lighting :carousel_horse::cloud_with_lightning::heart_eyes::joy::smiley: The Fire Stick Just Don`t Have The Same Look, As The Cattle Prod, Gosh,I Really Do Like That Lightning Stick, I Really Do Miss Using It :pensive: But When I get It Lev. Up Some More :crazy_face::star_struck::muscle::woman_mage: It Will Be Time To Made Em Ride The Lightning Again!!! Thanks For All Your Support Ned!!! And Your Help When Needed, Best Wishes Ned Till Next Time :smiley:

You Want To Get That Stick Out Of The Picture As Quick As You Can!!! Thats For Sure, Hope You Get A Chance To Use It Real Soon Shovion :grinning:

I’d prefer to eliminate the gear level prerequisites altogether. Won’t help me much at this point but it was so annoying as a new player to pull really good gear but not be able to use it. I had a solution to this back with my very first post called “Gathering Dust”. Basically, you’d get penalized for using it earlier based on how many levels short you currently are.

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Yea that Sucks When You Can’t Use You’re Gear!!!

Looks Like This Might Help, When I’m Able to Use It!!! LOL