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Finally! Green Supply Drops!

There are green supply drops at my house. It is a miracle. There are 3 of them. This means they could be there for the rares, epics, legendaries, and uniques. Maybe they wanted their anniversary to be special. Does everyone have the green supply drops.

8 drops in my 200 meter range, none of them are green. Distribution relevant to your physical location is completely random.

4 and still plenty of strikes

I won’t say this often, but good job Ludia

I’m glad you guys have them, but the three I had have all gone now!

Hey ho, you win some, you lose some I guess.

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Do not think it is for the whole week. Last week I had 3 rares on my VIP radio and then only 1 distant weekend (245 m). Now no common green on my VIP radio.

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None for me. Commons aren’t that great but it’s nice to have for a jump start on coins.

FYI the supply drops change locations for common rare and epic so don’t get your hopes up for the rest of the week.

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I finally have 1 at my house. Last week none…the week before 3 of them. It’s like it’s random, Very glad to have at least 1 here. I have 10 of the regular ones as well.