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Finally have my beautiful CERAZINOSAURUS

I finally have my favourite hybrid with Indominus Rex…the beautiful Cerazinosaurus!
I love him, he looks so beautiful :heart:
I’m happier than ever, that I could create it! I missed to unlock Ceratosaurus with CoT…but since the new update with 5 new levels and battle stages , we can unlock Ceratosaurus at bs 80!
My bucks are down again, but it doesn’t matter, I mean: I’ve got the creature, I hoped months to create!


I feel the same way about my newly hatched Metriaphodon. Phil was a lot of work to get, and even harder to wait for him to hatch, but even at just level 3 which was as high as I could take him without overpowering the rest of my team, it was a lot of fun watching him annihilate some lesser pteros in the Stakeholder’s event today.


Wait until Phil gets to sink her teeth into some juicy amphibians…


Oh I know! I was kind of disappointed there weren’t any in that last battle.

Just getting stared down by that face would do it for me.


Congats! I haven’t Metriaphodon yet, but I’m looking forward to create it, the next months…but my Metriacanthosaurus and Dimorphodon are both lvl.20 , so it takes a while to create a lvl.40…Metriacanthosaurus costs 7.500 DNA , like Troodon, but in opinion Troodon is much better than Metriacanthosaurus!
Metriacanthosaurus:1400 HP, 1300 Damage
Troodon : 2200 HP, 1100 Damage
But thank god Metriacanthosaurus has a lot of Damage, which makes Metriaphodon very strong

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