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Finally have Spinotasuchus

So, it’s taken a while. A lot of DNA and buck spent maxing out another spinoraptor. But I finally have Spinotasuchus unlocked.

And from the looks of it, it seems they’ve balanced out it’s attacks more even between levels, instead of the previous “here’s 2000 attack”
So all in all, I like the looks of this super hybrid a lot, yes it’s another carnivore. But at least unlike Indoraptor, it’s not going to make your battles suddenly a lot harder. So for a super hybrid, I think Spinotasuchus is a great addition.


Oh, she’s green! :heart_eyes_cat:

I wonder what she looks like at max level? :thinking:

Also, congratulations, @Sharpestedge_15g.

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Well, judging from the teaser image for spinotasuchus before it came out. I think it’s going to keep the green colour scheme.

Do you not have it yet then? Would have being a Support member means you could get extra stuff.

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I hope so, green is my favourite colour.

I do not have her yet. :sweat_smile:

Me neither @Ned, but I’m getting pretty close… There haven’t been any extra opportunities for Spinotasuchus SDNA as of yet (aside from the regular events) so it’s definitely been slow-goings.

But if this game’s taught me anything over the years, it’s definitely patience… I’m sure I’ll max it eventually.

Oh yeah and congrats @Sharpestedge_15g

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That is very true, @DantheMan.

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I’m about as close as you can be today…


Have you got a spare spinoraptor to make it with?
My goal now, is to try and get a lv 20 spinotachus before it changes to another superhybrid or a new one.

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Yeah, a while back I churned out a second one.

Definitely a good idea to get this taken care of before fusing Spinotasuchus.

Yeah I’d definitely like to get another one too.

With any luck, there will be more opportunities for Spinotasuchus SDNA even after it switches over, if past precedence holds true.

Also with Spinotasuchus I now have every creature in the game again (for now)

I’ve got Level 40’s of everything except for Indoraptor (Level 31) and Dunkleosaurus (Level 20) for balancing purposes; also just working on finishing up: Spinotasuchus (Level 10), Megarchelon (Level 10 - Not yet officially released), Mastodon (Level 20), and Smithetoceras (Level 20).

Lastly I’m working on recreating my Level 40’s for :shark: Megalodon :shark: (Level 30) and :turtle: Archelon :turtle: (Level 20), which had to be sacrificed to the Megarchelon cause but that shouldn’t take much longer. Here lately I’ve stopped rushing the incubator; especially when recreating creatures that I have already maxed out… sighs DB’s just don’t come in as fast as they used to… thinks back with heavy nostalgia to the good ole days when the trade harbor and booster packs used to be absolutely loaded with DB’s


i finally reached the half way mark, im hoping i can get it by the end of next week.

Does anyone know how much SDNA it takes to get a second Spinotasuchus? I have over 2000 SDNA and would like to know how close I am to getting two. I’m wondering if I should take CD’s offer today!

You need 2000 to evolve the first one, after that 1000 to hatch another one.


Thanks @Tommi… Even with CD’s offer today I’m 163 SDNA short of getting two! :pensive: Oh well…

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Your time for two of them will come. Patience is from the beginning one of the most required skills in this game.

Here is something for you to look forward to. Just finished.


Pretty cool… I’m hoping they continue to offer the SDNA in the trade harbor the next couple days…

I just got my Level 20 as well @Tommi… From a visual perspective, there isn’t a lot of change, but it’s one step closer to that Level 40.

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Little late to the party, but better late than never.

Also, RIP Spinoraptor. I’m certainly getting you back. You look really cool at lvl 40

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I have enough S-DNA but my Spinoraptor is Lvl.20

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