Finally here. But dunno for how long

I now play less battles than before and I am here after facing lvl 29-30 Dino’s from almost 15 days in most games. I just changed my spinotasuchus lvl 20 and I got more good than bad games. But I do miss playing 50+battles.


Congrats. I think you have a great chance of staying there.


Thanks and ya I am now 5100 something. Feels great but now I mostly face lvl 30 Dino’s now. Even Draco is so bad.

It’s across the board. Level 25 and up dinos show up pretty much everywhere. Super overboosted teams in lower levels and the game is now so boring I’ve stopped playing. I used to play almost everyday now Ludia is lucky I even still open the game.

Congrats, hope you stay up there. My trophies change drastically every few days. Weeks ago i was at around 5300 then i dropped to 4300, then was at around 4700 for a few days, then shot back up to almost 5200 and after my losing streak last night I now have around 4700 trophies again. I swear my RNG rotates between being good and bad, one night I have great luck then the next night its all losses.

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You’re doing very well. Can you post your team? Wonder what I need to do to mine to have a chance to get back up there where I used to be.

I’ve always thought and still do that the rng is not luck based but they have it programmed for you to win win win and then all of a sudden going on a seemly endless losing streak that will trigger the player to want to level up Dino’s to offset the losses, meaning let’s buy some coins. Considering Ludias background they are preying on people’s gambling addictions. They don’t care if we have issues with the game, they just want that all mighty :moneybag: :dollar:


I thought I was just crazy thinking about Ludia Conspiracy theories haha. Something does seem awful fishy 'round here

Same for me

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