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Finally I got it

After a bout a week of sanctuary grinding I got him

And now with the event next week I can hopefully unlock monolorhino in just two-three weeks anyone else got it yet

So do you have woolly rhino

  • Ya I got it
  • Nope haven’t seen it

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I have never even seen one! Congrats!

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Thxs but let me tell ya it was a grind and a half to get especially with the oh so wonderful supply drops screwing me over

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Unlocked her a couple of weeks ago as well. Tried it out in the campaign and got this screenshot.

I know I’ve posted it on another thread before, but who cares. :sweat_smile:


Do you mean Monolorhino or Woolly Rhino in the survey?

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Rhino :rhinoceros: (characters)

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I meant Woolly Rhino not Woolly Mammoth!!
I should be ashamed of myself for mixing up the Rhino with the Mammoth for the second time this week :joy:

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It looks like it’s… :flushed:
Never mind, this is a family-friendly forum.


I actually got a woolly rhino in a winter scent, less then 1% chance so I was really happy

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