Finally I got my i Rex


Lots of hard work finding T rex has paid off.Im so pleased…yay!!!


Well done!! And also I can finally see it myself for the first time​:ok_hand::v:️:+1:you should be rightly proud


Aw thanks,silly really I had to pinch myself! Although its stats arent

stupidly powerful,the cloak ability allows it dodge attacks.


Congrats i have only lvl 10 v-raptor and lvl 13 rex


Keep at it.Get Raptors at night that’s what I did.And as for t rex I was finding 1 every week or so although although I found 2 today.I was so lucky.


Show us the stats, I probably can google it, but where’s th3 fun in that?



Indoraptor is going to be hard,I’ll enjoy the Indominous Rex for a bit I think


Thanks, Wow, that cloak ability it’s really something else, God knows when I get it, my vraptor is 16 but the Rex 11; I just can’t find them…


Enjoy it, a bit childish but just imagine the opponent face if they don’t have it, a resounding “ o no,…f…k”. lol


You wont be long before you start cooking the Indominous Rex build up your V Raptors.T rex comes with a bit of time.Buts it’s worth the wait.omg.

Theres a better screenshot of the stats.


Hehe I’ve pulled out the Indominous Rex as my last dinosaur,and it kicks Botty.I agree with you it’s like I’m going to beat him hahaha then out comes the iRex… argghhhhhhhh where’s the quit button quick…darn it there isn’t one…hehe it’s a fab dinosaur.Well worth the grind.


Hard work? Randomly walking around like crazy, or how?


Hehe,I run everyday normally around 4 miles,i check them and been quite successful,also I’m self employed so I work in many areas in the uk so I check JWA when I’m at work.


Finally got mine too!


Aw well done!!! Cracking looking dinosaur.


just got it myself, well done mate ! ace ain’t it


It certainly is it’s a beast!!! Hehe enjoy!!! I want to evolve mine.I done it once but unable to find T rex DNA grrrr I have plenty of velociraptor DNA.So frustrating.