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Finally incubating the monostegotop

Finally incubating the Monostegotopimage

I feel like it is taking way longer for this guy than the indoraptor based on how much extra SDNA is acquired through the code 19 function. I almost have enough for my third indoraptor and just now getting enough for the mono.

After hatching the creature I have found a bug where you can’t click on the paddock to access the creature, can’t select the paddock. I found away around it by going through the creature glossary to access the paddock. @Ned I will submit a ticket to support.


It seems that after restarting the game a couple of times it now allows me to access the paddock from the park screen. Maybe just a glitch that fixes itself.

Just got mine this morning. More powerful than I thought.

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@DinoStan anything unusual happen after you hatched your monostegotop? Particularly with the dinosaur you used to fuse it?

Not sure I understand your question.

I had a Stegoceratops at 40 with one extra at 10 (for those sparring sessions so I don’t have to pay Dino bucks).

So the 40 fused with the S-dna, and that was that.


I had the same set up as yours (level 40 and level 10) but apparently something glitched in my fuse session, when I was selecting dinosaurs to battle today I noticed this…

Seems I got lucky with a glitch.

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Wow. Good for you.

The stegoceratops at 40 is a decent 2nd tier herb.
Most have super long life but meh attack.

Unayrhynchus and Eolambia are the best, and now, monostegotops as well.

Also noticed your 84k in JW points.
Gosh, that’s equivalent to about 10 random VIP dinos.
You get 650 x 2 = 1300 back in rebate for each of those 10,000 packs you open.
Just sayin. :hushed:

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I am saving them for when a specific one that I want to level hits the 20,000 pack, it is very tempting to go get the 10k packs though.

To each his own, but I’ve been going straight for the 10k pack every time I hit the mark.

The randomness ends up fairly even, so I got VIP in each category.

But then my objective was to be balanced in battle, so it’s worked out for me.

Yours might be different, like crafting a collection of dinos you prefer.

The most I got was two of the same in succession.


I am really after this last older VIP that I don’t own yet…

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I somehow got the plotosaurus some months back, but only one, never again.
[Correction: I actually got two, so at level 20 now.]

The pteroaustro, I also got one early, then only recently, received another.

This past arcan tournament was good for me, coz I previously didn’t own one!

Not sure if it’s the system deliberately keeping a few dinos elusive so we’ll keep at it or what.

I was very pleased with the VIP tournament as well this weekend, I already owned the Dino but the pack itself was worth it, got 7k DNA, 1.5k cash, and then 1 mil coin. Plus I think the pack itself was like 4K VIP points I don’t remember exactly. I hope Lydia throws those tourneys in once or twice a month.

Christmas surprise: stygmolich.
I was missing this one too.
Great holiday season!
Merry Christmas. :christmas_tree::gift:


I am having this issue too. The paddock for the Stego is gone, but it appears as available in battles. When I check glossary and go to the Stego hybrid, it takes me to the Asset Repository, but the dino isn’t there.

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I just got my monostegotops today, lvl’d up to 8. When I closed out and came back. Paddock was gone same issue. Contacted support and no response