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Finally ludia heard our word

Finaly,but finaly Ludia heard our words and nerfed Indo g2. Now battling will be easier whithout this threat to our team and I think Indo G1 didn’t need a nerf, cumunity yes you , what do u tink about erlindom’s new distracting impact and revenge cloak? Show me your answers :wink: please reply :wink:


Distracting impact will be good against Thor if you’re faster. All you need now is 147 speed. Revenge cloak sounds awesome, but seems more like a problem. 1 non-guaranteed dodge, followed by no dodge if you’re slower. Since Erlidom has a 50% chance to be slowed down, revenge cloak might be more of a hindrance.


Yes I agree whith you tottaly

Should have just given it some other type of revenge, on the distract maybe. Instead of distracting 50% it would distract 75% if on revenge.

Yes true
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Erlidom was nerfed a wee bit, and revenge cloak ain’t that great. As for Indo gen 2, it shouldn’t have been nerfed with the addition of resilient moves already nerfing it. Indo gen 1 shouldn’t have been touched as well

I mean I’m pretty sure they fired a bunch of people. Good riddance. It seems like they’re going in the right direction now.

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Actually, this patch isn’t like 1.14, where the arena is dominated by a small few. Maxima is probably the #1, but it can be countered by a few creatures. Tryko is #2, and the same story applies. It’s not like 1.14 with entelomoth breaking everything

Me as well I use both indos in my team