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Finally ludia is changing for the better!

Every week is having a new dinosaur or hybrid, finally the game will have more content, I’m glad that JWTH is catching up with JWAL.
place your bets on the new hybrid!


Translation please

“a new aquatic creature is diving into the jurassic world lagoon!”

How can you know that this will be a new hybrid? I thought it will be a regular creature.

What does the purple one reads?

I say it will be a hybrid because of the abnormal anatomy.


This new creature’s tail looks like the tail of a fish and the head is similar with Plesiosuchus’ head. I just hope that this won’t be another surface hybrid.

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That must be a REEF fishy!

But if it’s a hybrid, what fish is that tail and body from? It doesn’t seem to match anything as far as I could find that is already in the game. The Hyneria does have that sort of 3-pronged tail, but not as prominent and has dorsal fins that this creature is missing.

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I’m thinking perhaps the tail is a combination of one of the species that has a forked tail and one of those that has a straight one. Together those could give those 3 lobes in the tail.

I have a strong feeling that one of the creatures of this hybrid will be Mosausurus gen 2 . As for the tail it is close to Hyneria . Moseria?