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Finally ma first legendary!

Just now i logged on and got ma hunter league reward for the tourne (i got Euoplochephalus, i cant spell it) And got the loyalty points and got…

oh wait gimme a sec

i cant find screenshot lol

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That is a super rare (silver color) not a legendary (gold)

Also for stuff like this use the good new thread, no need to make a separate thread.

no i got the loyalty points for solid gold

Oh Congrats
Also I got Euchopules too!

Also ma legendary was Acrocanthosaurus


Congrats on getting a land!

today, thanks to the LP (loyalty point) I have an acrocanthosaurus lvl 20.


Yh i was pretty lucky with land the only creature i wanted more than Acro was Apatosaurus cuz i have like no herbs

There proof:)


If u cant tell ima low on recourses O_o

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