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Finally made it into Jurassic Ruins

For a brief shining moment that is, and only to be sent back into the Marshes. :sweat_smile:

Feels like this:



Same thing has happened to me 4 times now! I was soooo proud when I finally broke 4000 cups but alas it was not meant to be (yet).

Just remember that if you get to a point where you are losing WAY more then you are winning, it only means that you and or your Dinos aren’t ready for that rating! Thats the rule I live by!
I can break 4k if I try but im much more comfortable at between 3600 and 3850!

Also the way I see it, to succeed in The Ruins you need both Monomimus AND Indoraptor!

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Monomimus is a must in Ruins, while Indoraptor isn’t. Still don’t have Indoraptor and i’m around 4100 trophies. Before creating Megalosuchus and Monomimus i was stuck around 3800.

Well balanced team is most important, that your for weakest dinos don’t mean guaranteed loss. RNG like to chose weakest lineup sometimes.


Yeah I seem to get my worst four very often lol!

Yeah. I had similar problem before, when i still had 3 epic in team.

Just in myself, get up to 4100 ish then drop, would be good to get to 4250 by Monday although it’s wishful thinking

Yup been there around 5 times to play one fight and get sent right back to sorna but I’ve got two incubators from there so woo hoo an extra couple of dna

I had an awesome run of luck and made it to 4271 :trophy: there’s Indoraptors everywhere (Mines still cooking). I’ve set up camp a week early. It’s rough not haveing incubators running and not being able to battle.

Grays OP, I’ll be there someday when I climb out of 3800.

Made an account. Finally made it into Ruins last night, I’ve been at 3900 sooo long.

Now I don’t want to battle lol.

I found the first few fights in the ruins easier than the slog to get there. Currently sat at 4196. So close to the tourney minimum it’s painful lol.