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Finally made it to aviary


And had to survive a level 25 dracoceratops sia to do it…

Just glad to finally be there… so many high level (25+) dracoceratops around this level…


Congrats!! :tada:


Welcome to Hell :tada:


Good job! Congrats!


What a great way to enter Aviary!

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Congrats…and now brace yourself,with the tournament on going it is a bloodbath


I’m not sure how good my team is going to rank up here… it’s been a lot of ups and downs for trophy counts… but this is my current team… thinking of sitting back for the next few days until the tournament is over just to finally get that epic incubator instead of a rare.


Don’t want to sound rude, but based on your team you’d be better off standing where you are… Your team is very good, by the way!

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Yasss suchotater! I get super happy when I see her on ppls teams. Love that silly Dino.