Finally made it to the marshes!


Well it’s been a long road, mostly because I’ve limited my battles to open slots for incubators and I don’t like using cash to open them but at last I made arena 7 :slight_smile: I’m pretty chuffed with that, but to see how quickly I get kicked out haha


Congratulations! I’ve been in arena 7 for some days now, and to be honest I’ve had better moments. I managed to reach 3250 trophies but now I’m down to 3011 and afraid of going back down :stuck_out_tongue: let’s hope we can both stay here! :muscle:t3:


Ah grats to you too :slight_smile:

Yeah I haven’t had a match there yet, probably be put straight back down haha.


That’s what I thought but sometimes is not that hard to win, to be honest. Just make sure you cancel your match if you have to wait more than 15 seconds for an opponent, that way you make sure you avoid being matched with an overleveled bot.


I’m uninstalling the game. Despite the nice progress.

  1. Got fed up with their server.
  2. Opened an Epic 24 hrs incubator today. Clearly saw that I got 100++ TRex DNAs. However, when checked in the deck, it was not there. I was tricked. This is unacceptable. Integrity is a major issue.

Nonetheless, I will continue with my PoGo game.

Good luck all. Hope your luck is better than me… :wink:


You are supposed to keep your Support Key a secret … I don’t know if your Account can be stolen if you share it.


Dont give a damn anymore… :joy:


If PoGo then it is a concern. Mons may be transferred. But this crap game? What damage can be done…?



No real damage, but don’t know if you could still login if someone else told support he lost his Acc after … Phone problems, uninstalling whatever and uses your Support Key to get the Acc.

(+ you can add multiple Screenshots to one post, so you don’t need to spam them one after another)


Good luck! It’s full of pay to win players who manage to have level 19 epic hybrids and multiple legendary hybrids.


I’ve not managed it yet. I’m stuck around 2900. I know it’s because my team is underleveled (my highest is 17) so it’ll just be a slow grind. I mostly want to get to the marshes so I can unlock the arena exclusive dino. Congrats!


Be patient. I joined Arena 7 with my highest level 17, I still have a team of average level 13. It IS underleveled but with patience and good tactics, it’s doable :slight_smile:


Not to brag or anything, but right now my highest level is 15 segoceratops, trex and raptor and I’m in sorna marshes rn


Brag away mate :slight_smile: that’s good going!


Thanks! I just reached 2978 so the next battle could get me there, though I admit I got a couple crits in and a lucky stun. Since I always wait for an open incubator space, I won’t know for another 3 hours, lol.


Welcome to arena 7… Bots galore!