Finally made it! Top 500!


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4516 definitely isnt ranked… also the same reason there is no rank showing lol

Think the original poster got a little over excited and forgot to double check! I think you gotta be like 4900+ or something to be in Top500!

no check again…

The bottom of the top 500…

if you make it to aviary you’re in top 500 why dont you look at the trophy board lol sorry but you sound ignorant saying that…

You have 4500 trophies…500 place has 4900 triophies….

well mine looked completely different my apologies it seems that in the last couple hours the ranks seemingly jumped… 4511 was #500 when I first got in… :confused: I am sorry

Congrats on making it to the aviary tho!!
You still got stuff to celebrate :tada:


thanks man… i been in and out now i need to just find a happy place n chill lol

The leaderboard is super congested around the 4900-5100 count btw… you’re totally right in that in just a few minutes your rank can go up and down significantly.

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Avaiary does not mean ur top 500 lmao being top 500 means ur top 500. Try agian. When u see a number next to ur name then ur ranked

Justin… stop being so ignorant. he was clearly top 500😁

it popped up when i got it i already said im aware im not anymore omg lol

U only need like 400 more. Won’t be too hard

:joy: im not a he

For top500 around 4600 was enough only an hour or two after tournament started. I was ranked then for few moments.

hrmmm. so the plot thickens