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Finally made it :)


Welcome to aviary.

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Welcome! Though keep an eye out for a Kapro dropping out of nowhere there.

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Thank you! Kapro huh? I’ve noticed the lack of dracos recently,seems to me that a lot of people have dropped him.

Yeah, I’ve made it a goal to have Kapro with me along the way, and he does his side of the job (removing invincibility / stopping stuff from regenning, especially if opponent’s draco has been damaged enough). I’ve never used Draco, though I’ve made it for my collection.

Congrats! Welcome to the mismatch arena lol


I love Draco I can see why people think he’s cheap but I’ve love his design and his kit.

In my case, it’s not cheapness (after all, Kapro can cheapshot too), but I just hate the critter as much as Einiasuchus for causing me a lot of losses in the past. Now I got my monster Erlidom to ensure removing dracos if opponents misuse it.

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I can see that I too hate when it’s sent out on me then again I love it because I know if I have my thor in the line up it’s a meal outta him :joy:

When my Erlidom’s not around, I try to trick Draco into attacking Utasino after it gets distracted. If Draco chooses to instead go for stun after I distract and I happen to have Kapro around, Draco can’t escape. Can’t wait to get Erlikospyx too. Will be a Thor counter.

My favorite in my party is mandusuchus I’m sure that’s not how you spell her name lol. I know she ain’t no where near meta but she’s awesome.

Majundasuchus, but her name is easier for me to remember because its name sounds like “magiun”, which is a kind of fruit jam/paste in Romanian. Majunda is useful in hybrid tournaments as a trap swap-in, thanks to the attack buff it gets during that moment.

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Well done!

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Thank you! Only thing left is to keep moving up

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Grats! Maybe we’ll run into each other, I found myself in Aviary not long ago. It’s been… weird.

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Why would you say weird? I don’t have much complains about it… yet anyways lol

Congrats! I had been doing well in there (up to 4855) and then I decided to level 2 dinos. Now I’m lucky to win 1 out of 4-5 matches

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Really? I see I’ve been keeping my team not to far leveled from each other and I’ve been climbing up I haven’t been punished yet for it. Sure I’ve ran into some teams that are way boosted but other wise then that ive been winning about 85 percent of my matches. And I only got one unique as you can see. I’ve had this team since the 3000 mark.

That’s awesome!! What are your levels? When I got my first unique and got a couple dinos to 21 it started going downhill

I posted a screenshot with my original post if you wanna go back and take a look all around the 22 mark