Finally made it!


Wow, what a day it was. From winning battles 1-2 (how does that even work?) To winning trophies, then having them taken away, only to have them kind of back again? (See photos 1 and 2, they were taken at the same time.)

I’ve finally broken the barrier and can sleep easy tonight! Even managed to sneak ahead of @Heather :yum::rofl:


@MikeIsaak I finally made it too!!:grin:


Way to go!!! 20202020


Fantastic! Saw you battling a little while ago and was rooting for you!


Thanks! 20 darn characters…


Thanks Mike!! I seen u hit 4000 before I started to battle. Congrats to u also​:grin: Did u buy the one time offer? I got kinda crappy ones. Monolophosaurus was one of my epics which wasn’t bad, but I got Secodontosaurus was other :pensive: and the rares and commons weren’t great either


Lol, I did. I think our incubators came from the same store…


Why are you all so high level and just getting into 4000 trophies?


Can’t tell if you’re under 4k trophies and asking a serious question, or above 4k trophies and being sarcastic…


Ah well done! I went on a losing streak from 4241 and was too afraid to continue :sweat_smile:


I went over 4k at level 10. This is a serious question.


Maybe your team is stronger? I dunno. Lots of factors.


Grats to all who made it. My son got to 2 wins away, never got it. I also fell out of top 500. Very disappointing day here.


I was up in top 500 for precisely 15 min . . :smile:


I have a level 17 stegodeus…


The Level of some critical dinos like Stegodeus, having an Indoraptor, if your Indorex cloak works better, stunning/distracting/immune dinos play a huge role in determining one’s trophies.

Stegodeus being 4-5 levels higher would have definitely helped gaining more trophies.


Rng hates me though. I win at least 95% of my wins because of skill. And lose about 70% of my losses because RNG.


Is it ok to battle now? I didn’t know if I should considering I’m at 4019 and if I lose I’ll go below 4000 and I want that incubator!!! :wink:


As per Ludia, all trophies were counted at tournament end time. You should be good. Snap a screenshot as backup.


@MikeIsaak, ok I just may wait cuz it’s not that much longer till update, but if I do decide to battle I’ll definitely take a screenshot