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Finally! My spirit dino!


Will you press that button?

Hell yes! Why not?

At the first time I play this game, I just don’t know if they have Tarbo in this game. And I thought “Yes T-rex is great :t_rex: and they’ll definitely have it. But I’ll name my account as Tarbosaurus, which is closely related to T-rex but not so much famous.”

Tarbo was only L2 local spawn at that time. As a L3 player, my first Tarbo DNA is from level up one time offer. Luckily they changed Tarbo into nest spawn, so I could started collecting.

It still cost half of a year to reach here. Tarbo might never in my deck because Thorlado works much better. (Also I think Thorlado literally inherit Tarbo’s spirit) But I won’t feel regret to raise up this one.

Also in collecting Tarbo DNA, I insist not accept any DNA donation. So all these DNA just only collected by myself. I know someone might feel like Tarbo isn’t easy for darting…

Actually you can still make it after some practicing!:grin:

Anyway thank you all for reading this.:t_rex:
I’ll gonna dart more Tarbo for my little Thorlado! It’s also LV25 now!


Congrats :tada::muscle:t2::tada: