Finally reached arena 7!


Hi all, I just reached 3k trophies and I got so excited I wanted to share it ^^

I won’t last long here, just look at my team, they are gonna eat me alive… but I’m still very proud of having gotten this far :smiley: without spending any real money at all, too!

The match was surprisingly easy despite losing my first two dinosaurs way too fast. Einiasuchus saved the day as she usually does <3 Opponent used the new epic Stygimoloch and I’d say he didn’t really know how to use it, or simply Stygi isn’t good enough, and Einia is just a beast!


Did you buy the arena incubator for making it there?


No, I haven’t bought anything with real money so far. Considering vip atm


Gj! I will get there soon, i got to 2700 trophies to try stygi, but is trash lol


What the offer was/costs?



Lol is not a X2 offer is just half the price :joy:


I see your are Spanish over there :eyes:


Congrats on making it that far


I’ve done the free money offers and I got the AMC incubator and I’ve been moving up real fast. The game isn’t completely pay to play honestly. You can make it if you’re smart and dedicated


its a pay to play setup, although like most games with internal stores you do not have to pay to progress. You just have to pay to progress faster. These companies Bank on impatience.


Right, but that’s my point. A lot of pay to plays get so lost in that system that you can’t even compete even if you’re dedicated. I don’t think this game is like that because it does give opportunities to receive stuff you might need to pay money for, for free during events and such


Well done. I found getting to arena 7 ok. However, arena 7 is crazy and full of bots and people with like level 20+ dinos.


So far I’ve had 4 matches in arena 7, all of them against real people, all of them I managed to win though they were close fights. There’s a trick around to avoid bots: if your match takes more than 10 seconds to start, it means there are no players around to match you, so cancel the fight to avoid the bot and try again a minute later. Seems to be working for me so far!


Thans Lyra :slight_smile: it worked for now.