Finally Seeing More Variety in the Mid Level Arena

Thanks to the change in Alliance missions and the last couple weeks events, I’m finally running into some newer creatures although teams are still holding on to those former alliance mission rewards because they are still the highest level creatures on their teams.

I’m seeing more Procera, Purutaurus, Sarcorixis, Patchy and Ournano’s on teams. It’s nice to play against some different creatures. I hope the events and alliance mission reward rotation adds to the variety.

For me tonight I had 18 different creatures on my teams through 6 battles, winning only 2 but nobody had anything excessively over boosted so all good battles. Just a good night unlike yesterday.


I faced a level 13 smilodon in badlands that had like 155 speed

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Smilodon’s become rather useless once you slow them. Depending on what you have between the slow move and then getting to hit first on the next move, you can usually take those out. Either they have to switch out or die.

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I never got my miragaia or sinoceratops or ouranosaurus that match though