Finally sino will appear

So with the announcement of next week’s dino’s I would like to finally unlock allosin, as you can see I’m 160/200 it’s been like that since we last had the weekly one starring sino… It would be very nice if I could also unlock utahsino , I have 1.8k utah dna but hopefully I can get enough sino to get that, never done a fuse on utahsino so got to get that from 0 to 200. Can’t remember exactly how much darted dna I average on sino, non vip but we shall see

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Likewise. I’ve been saving up Allosaurus DNA for six months just to get it.

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Hopefully another 2 of the list with sino :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely looks to be a better week than this week!

Geez there are so many epics next week tho… I need both anky and sino… I’m torn

Me too. Gonna favour Sino though. Anky shows his face in incubators more often.

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Ugg it breaks my heart but I think I’ll have to favor sino too.