Finally! Sorna marches!

I finally unlocked sorna marches!!

It will only get more soulcrushing from here…


just make sure that you are the crusher, and everyone else is the soul, adam.

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You’ll hate it soon enough!
Well done.

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Your wisdom has showed me the ways of battles.:pray:

Welcome to Hell

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Did you bring the camper? Kidding of course, great job!

Get bloody use to that background. You’ll be seeing it for a while.

Good work though, when I got into sorna the bar for entry was a lot lower than it seems to be now. I’m currently 4200, but the threat of going back to sorna is always present, especially if I have a bad run of battles.

Hope you’re working on a team of legendarys, and get ready to met heaps of monomimus. I wish you the best

I will do my best, senzei​:pray::pray::pray:

No joke you will be here a long time so buckle up it will be a long ride

welcome in Hell.

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this is where the devil is stegodeus and his entourage are indominus, tragodistis and monostegotops … and monomimus next to rajankylosaurus rarely

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Hey, might need a seat if that March is too long for you.