Finally, thank you Ludia

What this game has been missing for some time, for me at least is a little excitement. Sure everyone gets excited over different things but I think everyone likes making advances to their collection one way or another and the discounts this week really helped make it happen for a lot of people and provided excitement and payoff to what IMO is a bit of a grinder of a game.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had some genuine excitement about something going on in this game and I definitely felt that this week. I wasn’t even it a great position to take full advantage of all the discounts but it was still enough to feel like I accomplished something and made a few big steps towards evolving my lineup.

I don’t know why we can’t see things like these discounts just a little more often. I’m not talking every month or anything like that but 3 times a year? I think that would be reasonable. It’s not like these kind of things break the game, the game has so much depth as far as collecting and evolving is concerned that it is near impossible for that to happen. Besides taking full advantage of something like this takes lots of planning, time and dedication towards stock piling resources and not everyone can pull that off or has an interest in making the long term investment.

I can only speak for myself but I’d like to think others have really enjoyed these discounts this week as well and most likely felt a huge sense of accomplishment and payout of long term investments into the game. It has been nice.

So thank you Ludia for finally doing something like this, don’t be afraid to do it a little more often. I honestly think it probably benefits the game and the company as a whole for various reasons as well, so win win.

Now if we can only get some LP pack discounts :stuck_out_tongue:


Just call me mystic mac


Very well said!
And I couldn’t agree more
This week has been awesome and definitely helped advance many of our games
The payoff for the grinding and saving resources is huge
And the VIP pack discount today is icing on the cake of a great week!


I agree. I needed a strong amphibian to my top lineup and that discount helped me to get 2x level 30 Ostapo + Today i put another 4 dracorexes to my hatcheries

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Sigh. I managed to be travelling or away from WiFi for all the discounts I wanted.

So it goes.

Except - when I reread your post, @Subxero11 , I thought: ‘What VIP pack discount? How come I didn’t even see that? I was in the game at about that time - was it just for VIPs?’

I went back and looked. And sure enough there was a discount. But confusingly the discount was only showing on the DNA tab - look top left:

I looked at this several times while playing but couldn’t find anything it applied to, clicking the DNA tab and looking at the prices of normal dinos showed nothing out of the ordinary.

So thank you so much for the heads- up, having found it at last I made good use of it


That 20% in dna tab was for bdna purchase i beleive . I checked bdna because the discount colour was orangish and all bdna pack were on 20% discount.


Ah, makes more sense. But not as interesting for my game as VIP pack discounts.

It’s not interesting for anyone. At the price of those packs without a 80% discount no one in their right mind will buy them.


Perspective, $100 is chump change for some people.

Even they won’t buy those in their right mind. .