Finally top 500


Cost me like 40 bucks total but finally did it :joy: now im ready to instantly lose it


Well done!

I’m finally on area 8 but I’m too afraid to battle :joy::joy::sob:


Hit mine last night. Lost my first game since :joy:


I have mostly been on a hot streak the last few days. Managed to get up.


Didnt last long :joy: win a game and was like this isnt so bad then ran into people who either spoofed or blew a few thousand on dinos lol


Down to 4150 haha ppl with indo, indom, tryk and the indom bird hybrid 6 times in a row wasnt fun lol


You should have no problems man, you did great in battle against me… Come on, you can do it!


Yeah I tend to bounce around like a ping pong ball at the 4000s-4300s lol. Sometimes you get lucky with a fair match, and others times YIKES!



Your teams good to… I haven’t played you but it looks good. Are there a lot of overpowered dinos is Arena 7 now???


As long as i stay 4000+ im happy with the better incubators considering i only have a lvl 13 sino and barry lol


Only one way to find out… :blush:


It’s fine I’ve played 3 times and won them all :innocent:


Im still using my allo at lvl 18 eventhough I have enough DNA to make him 20. He eats tragod and shield tanks now :joy: day 1 dino still holdin on strong just dont want to spend that much coin on him


Woohoo… I shall be seeing you soon then. :slight_smile:


Careful with the coins. You could make him level 20 but then be out of pocket and still be eaten alive by stronger Dino’s.


Congrats. I think my lowest was 374, which was right after the major update when everyone was using Raptors still. I destroyed one after another. Now I am struggling to stay above 3800 because everyone seems to have lvl 19 legendary hybrids or I get crap draws on my dinos and they get my weakness type dinos.


Oh i know lol and im about to be able to make my stegod 21


Not the best but it works


So glad this guy never attacked once and just spam swapped his dinos :joy: i was terrified and guessing his accounts gettin reset so hes being nice to ppl


Yikes, think i will just hang around the Marshes for awhile til i can get an Indominus rex…no epic Trex dna to b found for the past 5 days