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Finally top 500!


Finally made it up there. I am sure I will go back below 500 but I am enjoying it :sweat_smile:


Great job, grats!! @Pateradactyl is a formidable foe!!

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Congrats! Grind hard and you will be fine staying there for sure. :wink:


I got up to 5100 yesterday and down to 4700 again today


Congrats! I know it’s not easy.


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dude!!! you and your dg2


he dg2’d me … gg i guess


:joy::joy: 1010101

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Sorry man lol I’ve been playing people 5 levels higher than me lol I have to survive somehow lol


I am sure that will happen to me soon lol


Thanks! It was tough


Lw + dg2 is a great way to deal with a lot of annoying things , like lvl 27 dilos :sob:


Definitely. My highest is a 24 indo. Rest are 22 and down lol.