Finally unlocked tournoloch, don't bother

He’s turrible, use parasaurs on tragodistis, don’t live in regrets like me

I think it may get buffed again since it’s a unique.
1400 ATK may be too high, but below 1000 is too low, 1200 is about right.

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This is disheartening

Damn and I’m so close to unlocking it

Of course it’s gotta be crap everyone has styg DNA stuffed down throat to wast our coins evolving

the #2 player in the last 2 tournaments uses it. must not be that awful :wink:

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I don’t have Tuamoloch myself, but I had a fight with her sometimes in upper Jurassic. Yup, need to admit that her atk is kinda low compared to the same role dino like Paramoloch or Stegoceratops.but those two don’t have a counter-passive like her…

Counter+Stun row = annoying
Counter+Stun row+High ATK = Nightmare

Besides Indoraptor, I have a real shot at getting this but I have heard only bad things or nothing at all about it.

Surely a Unique made with exclusive arena dino should be able to carry itself among its other peers?

I also noticed the 2nd ranked player has been constantly fielding it in his team.

Anyone with a high level one can help to enlighten us?

Right now he does like 900 on rampage to Stegodeus :frowning:

Yes he had it at 30before the nerf, a stymology gen2 at 30 can compete too xd.
Before nerf a random tuora at 25 did 500 dmg whit counter attack only, but now is trash his dmg is pathetic like dilonarosaurus after nerf