Finally unlocked tryostronix

It took me ages to unlock him. Never have luck in finding bary. :disappointed_relieved:


It’s also pretty weak at lower levels. I like when the opponent brings one out under level 20

I love its design, although currently he is not usable on my team.


I’m with you there. I finally got it last week, and ONLY after I got lucky with an epic incubator and got 250 bary dna

I can start fusing mines, I got a 10 on my first fuse today. Baryonyx is non-existent for me lol

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Bary? What Bary? How does it look in the wild?

I still don’t have it. Ive seen bary in the wild twice. I’m one bary away from creating it, but I’ve been 1 bary away for a month now. :man_shrugging:

Ever since they became Anytime spawners, i have seen them alot more than before the update. Today i found 2 at 5 mins from each other, one from a random spawn in the area and the other from a normal scent. Time was around midday. Also one last night which allowed me to create the legendary.

I saw one out on the middle of the day yesterday. (Couldn’t go get it, I was stuck at work :sob:) Good to know it wasn’t just an unusual spawn! I’ll have a much better chance collecting more with bary set free during the day.