FINALLY we can see Titanoboa in the game

A friend found a guy who has the epic Titanoboa, he say he’s not a bot.

If this guy is here please send a reply in this topic I’m desperate about to get Titanoboa

Edit : After asking more questions on my friend, the opponent always switched on this 2 last dinos so it’s a bot, sorry for the mistake


How? Is it in incubators now? is this one of the testers of the game?
Answers are what we require.
Thank you for posting this.


I check in the incubators but Titanoboa is still not here unless if it’s use cloak in the rewards lol


how the…?


Well maybe it’s a pet store exclusive? Like a nest sort of thing.


In the store there is nothing about Titanoboa, how this guy gets it still a mystery

I bet it was a bot battle


Yea true like the bary and stigi in the good ol’

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My friend said it was not a bot, if it was a bot I expect his Boa was boosted I think but still not sure about that

Stupid snake. Going to make me waste all my sanctuary items through summer to create it, level it up, create the hybrid, level the hybrid up, and create the unique. Lots of “fun” I’ll be having.


Good luck to complete your dinodex

Last 3 I need include this epic snake. Sanctuary exclusives add a whole new “grind” to the game instead of going out grinding.

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In a teaser of 1.12 it said: snuggle up. Maybe the epic boa will be a Valentinesday event?

Or at least that’s what I’m hoping… :blush:


Make sense even if I don’t see the report between Boa and Valentine’s lol

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My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw this player fight the snake in the arena last night and said it was not a bot. I guess it’s pretty serious.


Wow the one who fight the boa can send a picture ?

i’m sure the person checked their recent opponents list to double check. bots don’t show up there.
if they didn’t, then there is cause for scrutiny.

At lower arenas bots might not be boosted. How you can tell if it was a bot:
A) The player uses mostly non-meta creatures.
B) The name is a combination of these listed at In-game name (IGN) :
C) Final two swap like crazy.
D) The name does not show in your recent opponents list.

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The problem it’s my friend didn’t screen the name when he win, and about the list it’s sometimes glitched, I fought sometimes real guy wich I can’t see in the list

So that makes it the Sister in law of his Brother in law of your best friend? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:

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