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Probably one of the last people on here to get him but woohoooo! It’s about time I finally got a unique (with 1 DNA to spare :joy:)! Also just made it to level 18 in the process :grin: dances around haha sorry everyone, I’m a wee bit excited :raised_hands:t2::clap:t2:


Enjoy … it was worth every 10 along the way


I still dont have indoraptor tho.


@Baryonyx You will get there soon, I have faith haha!! Not gonna lie I bought a few of the rare Valentine’s Day incubators because the weather’s craptastic and I was impatient for velo DNA. Got just enough to make indo!


Thanks for the encouragment.
I need so much velociraptor DNA, so I’m literally gonna farm on indo when he gets in an event.

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Omg I had the worst luck creating her! At most I got one 20 or 30, rest was allllll 10s. :joy: and both events I didn’t dart much bc I was too excited and aimed like crap.


Last? Hardly! :slight_smile: It’s an awesome accomplishment!! Way to go!! :slight_smile:

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With the velo, rex and indom this week maybe she can have her 2nd birthday soon! :blush:

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Don’t worry, I don’t have him yet. I’m a big Deinocheirus and don’t go out in my neighborhood at night, so my Velociraptor is still like level 16. lol I probably won’t unlock this bad boy anytime soon, either, because my sights are set on Thor, dino god of thunder, for my first Unique.


On the plus side once you have it if FEELS surprisingly easy to level up


I like deino too, I really leveled him up a lot the last few months but I want to get the diloracheirus so I won’t level him past 20 prob. I go between using him and my lvl 20 tany.

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Youll need all that plus some to make dilo so hold it because she is amazing

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My dilorano is still only a level 16 because ouranosaurus aka ouranusaurus :joy: is basically nonexistent where I live. Even if I drive a few miles. And I don’t think he’s been in many events, unless I just happened to miss them all.


This is a huge turning point. Much like with legendaries, once you create one unique, it won’t be long before more come rolling in for you.

Congrats! :tada:

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My indoraptor gets 10 every fuse, and i have 239 rn. I swear it’ll end up being 249/250…


and… still trying to get indominus rex and velociraptor to 20. :joy:
I-Rex lvl 17,(GOT A 90 WOOOOOOOO!!! - sorry had to put that in there :joy:) Velociraptor level 15. :grin:

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I guess I’ve been lucky with all the velos hanging around my house every night, I just made sure to grab any I find bc I know it’s needed a lot to fuse. And yay you finally got indominus? I do like him but he’s easy to counter with shields and such. And the cloak never seems to work for me. :pensive:

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Fingers crossed you get a 20+ next fuse!! :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


Haha how about 21+. 20 will leave me with that 249/250, which would honestly piss me off. Thanks tho


Haha you’re not the last one. I literally JUST fused to get Indoraptor like an hour ago. Finallyyyyyyyy