Find me a sino please


What time of day do people see sinoceratops about as i never see them about


Sinoceratops spawn at any time of day in what some refer to as “Local Zone 1” or “Habitat Zone 1.” If you’re seeing creatures like Euoplocephalus, Lythronax, and Edmontosaurus (among others), then you’re generally in the right area. Most habitat zones kinda overlap, so keep an eye on what’s spawning around you. And from there, it’s mostly luck if you spot one.

See the MetaHub link for more info, and best of luck!


Haven’t seen one since first week global release they must have changed to locale specific instead of global


Sneaky guy trying to hide behind a supply drop!
(Agree with above … lots of euplocephalusses and lynthronaxes around me)


The two I have seen were at gas stations.


I happened upon one today while driving home from work. It was in a industrial warehouse area. I haven’t seen one for weeks.

Lynthronax are everywhere like weeds around here so I don’t draw any correlation.


I’ve found 3 in the wild (although one disappeared just as I got to it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) mostly in industrial area but one just in town. Your not really meant to find him though. He’s a arena 8 Dino so your meant to get him in incubators when your at the top level. This is not me unfortunately I’ll be stuck half way up arena 7 until I quit I think.


Been stuck in arena 7 for ages now cant get over the 3400 mark


He spawn at same area where euoplowhatever spawn, but why you need they, no one of his hybrids is on meta now