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Find the imposter that doesn’t belong!

Nope sorry

Is it Mortem Rex? Its name is 2 words.

Anartanavator because it is the only one with a counter attack

No and no sorry

is it antarctvenator for being the only wild card/only one that isn’t single type

if not, wow this one’s good

While waiting for a response, here’s mine:

  • Quetzorion
  • Geminititan
  • Monolometrodon
  • Indominus Gen 2
  • Tuoramoloch
  • Ardentismaxima
  • Mortem Rex
  • Gorgotrebax

on mobile, no poll, whoops

Titanoboa: has no limbs
Deinonychus: the only speedster here, the others need moves to gain priority
Carbonemys: has a shell

Trebax either cause it’s the only non Jurassic form creature or it’s the only one with revenge

By any chance is it antarcto because it’s the only hybrid

Antarctovenator is the correct creature but the wrong reason

so it’s the only one that’s of two or more classes?
all the others fit in one class
magnus, carbo, titano, resilient
deino, trebax, cunning
mortem, fierce

Is that answer Purutaurus? (Since it is the only Wild card on the list?)

Don’t think about creature stats or class

Is it antarcto cause it’s the only amphibian?

think “special”