Finding dinos in my area


Hello i have one question… I love thisss game but i always played when i was at a city but now i life on a farm cam i speel play it

Message from Support

Hey Japie_Malan, I’m glad that you’re enjoying the game! Also, you should be able to continue playing as long as you have a stable internet connection in the area you’re living.


Thank you… I have an amazing internet connection so i can find dinosaurs in my area i life on a farm nou city near me


Sorry to bother… I know you probably busy but you sure i cam find dinosaurs in my area…


Hey Japie_Malan, due to the dynamic migration patterns of dinosaurs, I can’t really guarantee where they would be on the map. However, if you see no dinosaur in your area, contact our team here at with your support key and location information, and they could take a look.


Noowhere i see anything… Like i van play but if uwant to explore and catch things i see nothing pleaee help


Can you help me


With the scent i was on fire and now… I cant find anything


Hey Japie, I’m not sure how far out in a rural area you live, but I live in a rather rural area myself with nothing that really spawns around me very often. Unfortunately, its just part of the way the spawn system works…denser areas, and areas with businesses often have a lot higher spawn rates than being way outside of more populated areas. Usually when I go dino hunting, I have to go into the town close to me, and I’ve basically learned where a lot of the better spots to hunt are (inc a park in town). Also try to do my best to hit strike events and hunt featured dinos while out as well, to make the trips productive as possible.

That’s probably going to be your best bet though…if you have a town or denser area near you, to head in that direction with someone willing to drive a couple times (or go solo, and stop at local businesses) until you learn where things tend to like to spawn more frequently. Its still possible to build a strong team, just may take some more coordinated effort on your part!


Nha i find. 0 things… I dont believe it works in wildlife areas


There’s a big difference between wildlife areas and parks! If you haven’t seen how things look in a park yet, when you’re out look for green spaces on the map. Usually parks that are meant to be more community type parks (playgrounds, soccer/baseball fields, walking trails, etc) will have a large number of spawns in them compared to other areas. Don’t forget the map is based off Google Maps API, so the map has to recognize the spaces for what they are as well!


Hello sorry can you please help me there is nothing in my area… Like i drived around my farm…