Finding dinosaurs in zones


I live in zone 4, does this mean I will never see for example Dilophosaurus at present? Or is it possible for me to wander about into another zone.

The reason I ask this is because at one point I never ever saw Parasaurolophus and now I am flooded with them.I would like to find some Dilo’s


Yeah you need to move zones so go for a walk, cycle, drive :woman_shrugging:t2: And you’ll find out where other zones are located


Thanks, I’m kind of thinking this zoning this is messed up. I see Parasaurolophus and Allosaurus everywhere although they are Level 3 and Level 2.


It is possible, though unlikely, for anything to spawn anywhere. It could also be that you’re seeing these creatures at their nests.


And by “anything” I mean anything that currently spawns in the wild


Parasaurolophus and allosaurus are both local 4


Search Met@hub for the article named “Jurassic World Alive: Spawn Mechanics Post 1.3 update…”

Para and Allo are both Local 4 dinos and if you are in that zone, you will get a lot of them (check the spawn rate %). Global spawns also appear frequently in all the local zones along with zone dinosaur.

One local zone dinosaur do appear in other zones, but that occurrence is very rare. So, best bet is to go to that local zone where the chances increase tremendously based on the dino rarity. Zones are usually small covering only a couple of miles. Cross zone walking would be difficult, but covering on bike/car should be easy.

Note each of the zones around your area and the spawn time of dinos. That has helped me get the dinos I want much easier!


@xTrainerCx you are probably referring to spawn zone pre - update, the newest spawn zones are mentioned here:

the other one is old ( ).

But I can confirm you that some rare exceptions occur, like for example I live in zone 4 as well: parassaurolofo, allosauro, sucomino, rare dracorex and rare giraffatitan everywhere… But I experienced that around my county post office, some epic Ouaranosauro and some rare Tenontosauro (both are zone 2) spawn.


Send the parasaurolophus my way!


Thanks very much @Ardens and.@SaraCuriosa Your right, I was looking at the old list.
Just to add, I noticed Triceratops spawns at Petrol Stations(Gas), would I still see them spawn there if that area was not the Level 3 zone?

Sorry for the questions I’m newish to the game and still need to understand the spawns


That’s what the forum is for =]
Never be afraid to ask.
And yes, the nest areas will spawn the nesting creatures regardless of what zone you’re in.


I confirm this. See on the metahub article, below are listed the nests of dinos that are attracted to particular buildings. :+1: