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Finding forum

Is there a spot in game for getting to the forums that I just can’t find? When I went to Ludia home page it took me forever to get to the main page for the forums for this game. It is not one of the games on main page nor did I see it listed under other games. If there is not an obvious place in game, I could see this forum dying off just because no one new would even think to look for it

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I’m in a guild right now but thank you for causing this post to bump up since there has been no comment yet

I can’t find one ether guess you have to leave the game now :joy::face_with_monocle:

Mind you the game is glitching right now so see what happens

I am starting to think there is something going on with the forums… this post started about the forum itself. Someone posted saying I should join their guild. I responded no thanks and now their post is gone and there are posts about not being able to find a guild

Things are a bit confusing right now thy need to fix a few things that’s for sure give them some time thy will fix it I’m sure

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Feel free to join my guild as we are very active a discuss forums quite frequently. Our guild is “English Knights”

Mind if I join I’m old so 56 lol
Looking for a old timer guild

Same here. What worked for me was going to the support button under the gear and hitting contact us in the upper right hand corner. It’s a chat bot so when I mentioned about the new update it brought up the topic here on the new update with a link at the bottom. I tried searching for these forums, but they are hidden from search engines pretty well so I have bookmarked it.

Old version had a direct link to the site
There still working on the update see what happens

I’m still just wondering how have of this post became about joining a guild

Just came up in the conversation lol
Everyone is going to try to be in a big guild
So advertising is part of that it’s going to show up
Everywhere at first

I understand advertising but there is advertising and then there is spamming forum posts that have nothing to do with guilds. And it didn’t just come up. I posted about not being able to find forum while in game and later disappeared but he came in and advertised his guild

Yeah that was my fault. I started a guild and needed to build it up. Now I’m almost at max and only accepting players that have 1000 trophies or more. It’s “English Knights” if your interested. But on the subject at hand finding the Forum in the game will probably have to be added again as I can’t find it as well. I had to go through my phone history to get here. It always happens when they release a major update they find out all the issues from all the players. Lots of people complaining about the forums so it most certainly will be delt with. The game developers rely on this forum as well for input on the game to keep interest. It will be fixed within a week or so I imagine.

About the new guild forum
It would be nice to put a red dot on the book when someone is using that forum players like to know
So thy can reply instead of just popping in to see
If anyone is on all the time :blush:

Just bumping this up hoping that someone official will answer this. Or at least tell us if it was an oversight that will be fixed