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Finding it hard to stay in the Library (Trophy allocation)

I’ve been bouncing in and out of Lockwood Library for a few weeks now.
It’s getting really frustrating because if I lose a match in the Library, I lose 40 trophies, but wins there usually only give me 20 trophies (sometimes I get 27).

Does anyone know what the mechanics for trophy distribution in the Library arena are?

I played the same player twice in a row today (I recognised him from my friends list), and got 20 trophies for beating him, but lost 40 when he beat me the 2nd time, knocking me out of the Library.
We have similar trophy counts (4900-5100 or thereabouts), but team-for-team, his would be stronger; he’s got 4 dinos that are levelled above my strongest and his strongest dino is 4 full levels above my strongest (I have one lvl 25 - that’s my strongest).
He has 5 Uniques and 3 Legendaries.
I have 4 Uniques, 3 Legendaries and 1 Epic.
Boost levels seem pretty similar too.

Seems weird that I’d lose so many trophies when losing to a stronger team like that.

Is this the games way of ensuring that lesser levelled teams stay out of the Library?