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Finding kentros


I can’t find any of those after the latest update.

I just explored 3 different local1 areas,
but I found nothing.
(even sinoceratopses)

I know kentro is local1 day spawn creature,
and I did my best to find it.

but… you know, it never worked.

matter of luck?
I don’t think so.

something went wrong in this game.


I found one at a restaurant last week. First in months. When game first came out I was finding a couple a week without even trying hard. Thought it was easy to find so lvled mine to 16 back then.


In this game, there are some epics which are easier to find while some epics can hardly be seen! Kentro has been one of the most elusive epics (along with Erliko) since day 1 for me and continues to be after 1.5 patch.

When you say you explored 3 different L1 areas, you mean you went through them in one drive/ a couple of hours in one day? Asking because I have done that intending to hunt some particular epics and had to do that multiple days and was still not able to find what I wanted.
A lot depends on luck (you being at the correct place at the correct time and this percent is very small for epics like Kentro!).

My Trykosaurus has been on hold just because of lack of Kentro DNA (need around 300 - 500 to perform 3 - 4 fuses for the unique). The last time I got a Kentro was during park event.


Look inside Strike Towers. I’ve found some hanging out there


I just need 1 to create the final Legendary, havent seen any in 4 to 5 mos or so…


I’d love to see them return to being the Featured Creatures one week


oh dear god…

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