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Finding Paralophosaurus Lux

I have seen a lot of people who have either darted or already have Paralophosaurus Lux up to like level 20 already. Me on the other hand, I haven’t found any sighting of it at all. So I have come to the Forums to ask all of you who have darted Paralophosaurus Lux, how do you maximize the chances of catching it? Do you use scents? When is the best time to go hunting?


Any time, all over.
Memorize your Close-Range Spawnpoints vs normal proxi spawns (locals and global.)
Not scentable.

It use to be a night tine spawn now it’s anytime, it’s a short range spawn so you have to move to around to get it(tho people from my alliance were lucky enough to get one right next to there house), wich sucks during a pandemic. Basicly if i onow corectly it’s there all the time you just have to get close enough to see it and dart, other short ranges are amphy, gorgon, and megisto, SCENTS DO NOT WORK ON THEM. Then i think the chance is like 0.3 to get one and you need to be above lvl 7 to get it, and the limit per day is 2 those are things gamepress said about it. I have personaly got 2 so far and cause the first time my darting was awfull, i only got 65 and on the second one i was focused got 131 and now i’m 196 so 4 off.

Overall just walk around a lot and hope, good luck cause you’ll need it.

Just a lil thing in case you drive/take a walk near a graveyard remember that nothing spawns there, no creatures(scents do work), no suply drops and no lux, just wanted to say that cause i take a walk in a park right next to a graveyard and when i go home i walk right next to it and i’ve noticed nothing would spawn.

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I work outside and move around allot. I travel between 120 and 250 km a day. Some days i see none. I darted 3 the other day. Probably seen 9 or 10 in total.

I have para lux of about lvl 21 and I always find it off the gardens or near the horde of 3-4 stops

And mind it para lux never comes into short range scent,never…
Read the ludias 2.3 release note…u I’ll find it.

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Still not seen any. Its getting more than frustrating


Yeah same here. Some members got it on level 20 after like 2 days and their only problem is who manages to dart more per try. Lol. While I haven‘t even seen one yet. Super frustrating and annoying. And they can’t blame me for not being active enough.
I walk my dog two times per day for some km and I‘m also actively moving around every day. I even drive in a car with someone and last time we drove for more than 4 hours and still no sign of Lux.

Yeah, great. slow clap

Obviously it doesn‘t count how active you play/move, that‘s why my phone remains in the pocket by now.

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But actually,this is the fun part as well…
Except the presiding pendemic problem of Corona…
Except,corona I’m enjoying to find out para lux

i saw 2 yesterday but only darted one :joy:

Exactly NONE

None zero nada

Mine would for sure be past level 20. On 3 separate occasions my girlfriend had one pop up and I had a kaprosuchus or a common. Something useless. So it’s been frustrating for her to find 3 while I get junk. I’ve still managed to get it this high though.

My graveyard has supply drops and event drops and spawns in it. Sometimes I see an epic in there. That’s where I ran in one night when the gates were closed last year to grab a mammoth when they first came to the game. Graveyard is lit in my area.

No sign of it for me yet.
In fairness, it’s the cold / rainy season where I live and we’re in a pandemic lockdown, so any walks I take tend to be quite short, with not much distance covered.

You’d have to question Ludia’s wisdom though; introducing close proximity spawns during a global pandemic…

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I am admittedly jealous.
But finding paras seems to be as dependent on luck as finding shinies in PG.
Getting Paras only from short-range spawns and not from incs or strikes is not a good idea in times of covid and curfews.
The idea is not bad, but now is the wrong time for it.
Speaking of “shinies”: I would have preferred the introduction of shiny dinosaurs (although I haven’t had much luck with PG either). And the dinosaurs could look really cool as “shinies”. There have already been some great ideas about this in another thread.

I haven’t found it yet either.

I found my second para lux today. Bouth times i was a passenger in a car during day time. Persenaly i find it very dangerous to place it in the short range spawns. I just know people are going to drive around with the game open to try and find it.

I’m finding them but also have had quite a few spawn, then disappear as I click them, otherwise I would be at 20 and accumulating DNA for a possible future hybrid

I found 2 para lux today. Mine is level 20 now :muscle:

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I have only managed to find ONE and didn’t even get enough to unlock it! :sob: