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Finding players

I am leader of an alliance. I let my son play my phone as he wanted to dart some dinosaurs, I looked on it later and noticed he had removed the top 2 members of my alliance so I could be 1st. I want to re add them but only have player name, not number. Is there anyway I can find them again?

Not that I know of. You were not friends with them? Beyond being their friend or having all of their info, I do not think you can locate other players in game unless by a stroke of luck or serious digging.

By serious digging, I mean if you know they play tournaments and they usually are in the top 1000, you could possibly go through the leader board and find them. However, chances are they are already in another alliance and you could not contact them anyway. You could friend them and then if you ever see them out of alliance you could send them an invite. You could try scrolling the arena leader board if you knew their counts, but I never had any luck with that as it seems to reset before you can get to the desired range,

You can post on the forum if you know they use the forum.

Beyond that, and probably even with all of that, they are gone for good.

Not in your friends list? you can in get number to send invite in your friends list.