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Finding Your Own Fun

When JWA becomes a chore in any aspect, how do you you get yourself to keep playing? How do you find fun in something again?

I made myself a list of personal rules for my arena team and how i level creatures. I set myself a team level cap and a minimum for how many benched creatures at x level before i can increase that level cap. It challenges me to have a wide variety of creatures close to team level for any reason. And it challenges me in the arena to know my team forwards and backwards so even some level and boost difference can be worked around. I find the challenge fun but know it may not be for everyone.

So, what are your ways of “Finding Your Own Fun”? Maybe we can help some players that may not be having the best time in the game right now with some examples.

Playing and spending money on more competent games.

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Honestly, when things are just working against me in this game, I rage-uninstall. Then, after a few hours or so of reading a book or watching something or doing some actual real world chores…I end up reinstalling. Does joy ever come back? Is it ever actually fun? I don’t know. To me its fun when I reach a goal. Its fun when a I beat a bigger team. Its usually always fun darting and hunting. Raids are fun. Getting DNA rewards and thinking about what to build is fun. But…honestly, I am not sure why I keep playing beyond wanting to make dinosaurs. I have no delusion of “being at the top.”

Thought of one. I come to the forum and revel in everyone’s collective hatred for whatever specific thing caused me to hate the game that day! That helps…for sure.

Just playing really, and playing the team I like to play, that’s why I played alloraptor, spinoconstrictor, and even indo2 now. Raids are a blast, too.