Fine, don't nerf the Velociraptors, but at least make it fair


Can someone explain to me why the Velociraptor, which is the fastest dino in the game, has the fastest cooldown between absolute crippling strikes, is allowed to start with POUNCE and can easily take out all three of an opponent’s dino is allowed to do all that but my Trike, which SHOULD be a good counter, can’t use stunning impact or greater stunning strike until at least one turn which means I get pounced, I retaliate with a minor stunning strike and then the raptor finishes me off with a strike?! I’ve got level 700 raptors taking out my 1533 trike in two swipes and it’s frustrating and infuriating.

Look, don’t nerf the raptor. Leave it like it is, but at least make it fair. If other dinos have to wait a turn before starting with a slaughter move, then so should the velociraptor.


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