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Finished Apex Raid, Did Not Receive Reward

My friends and I just did a Hadros Lux raid (me on two accounts/phones, and two other people). At the end of the raid, we won but lux just lay defeated indefinitely:


When we refreshed the game, all four of our phones briefly pinkscreened, then went back to normal. We were not given any rewards.

Upon restarting the game, we were not given the “missed rewards” message and did not receive any DNA.

Okay, after 30 minutes and some very odd bugs, like this incubator showing up at the bottom of the page when I went to check the sancts:


I restarted the game again and the “missed rewards” page came up and I got them. However, now my game is crashing every time I open it. :roll_eyes:

The other people in the raid also got theirs. So I guess this is resolved?

Hey Castal, may I ask if you are still having crashing issues with your game?

Intermittently, but I’ve already spoken to support about it. Interestingly, clearing the google play app’s cache tends to stop the crashes for up to a day or two at a time.