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Finished the Explore mode

Curious as to how many others have finished the explore mode, post your stats here. I was shocked that the last boss was so easy… I killed it in one try… wow. The dragon is way tougher… actually that golem that spits fire and poison is so much harder.

Free To Play (I’ve never spent any $)

Used Gems to Revive:
On accident x3 but never advanced the level I died at, so technically I’ve never really used gems to advance in explore mode.

4 characters used:
Fighter L10 (died at round 2/3)
Wizard L11 (lived at end)
Cleric L11 (lived at end)
Rogue L10 (lived at end, dealt killing blow)

Only wizard and rogue had legendary weapons, both at L1. Most others had epics or rarest. Epics no higher than L3 and rares around L5.

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Haven’t Finished, But It Does Kinda Seem Like It Might Be Getting A Little Easy :grinning:

Maybe Im Just Getting Stronger?:muscle::grin::crazy_face:

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